Video: The Top 10 Goals In Year 2012

As the year draws to a close, we look back on the top 10 goals of 2012. It wasn't easy to make the selection. Hope you enjoy the selection.

10. Anthony Knockaert - Huddersfield vs. LEICESTER CITY

Part of one of the most spectacular braces you'll ever see, we felt his second edged out the first due to the unconventional finish, but the video includes both. Go on, try that down the park. See how easy it is.

9. Agyemang Badu, GHANA vs. Guinea

Some people will suggest this isn't a proper volley because he stands it up for himself, but that's what makes it. The sublimely casual followed by the sheer violence of the finish.

8. Taison, METALIST KHARKIV vs. Rosenborg

If the last one wasn't a proper volley, this one is. Most of the goals on this list relied on a bit of luck - this required nothing but sheer technical perfection.

7. Philippe Mexes, Anderlecht vs. AC MILAN

A perfect looping overhead kick from Mexes. Most overheads are hit-and-hope - with this, the Milan defender knows exactly where the goalkeeper is positioned and takes advantage.

6. Peter Crouch, STOKE CITY vs. Manchester City

This wasn't shortlisted for FIFA's Puskas Award. We don't know why, because long-range stunners simply don't come better. And a match-winning goal against the eventual champions, too.

5. Lionel Messi, ARGENTINA vs. Brazil

You'll all have seen this, of course. A classic Messi run, coming against your biggest rivals and disproving the old 'can he do it for Argentina without Xavi and Iniesta, though' trope.

4. Falcao, America vs. ATLETICO MADRID

Of all the many, many great goals Falcao scored this year, this was his best, and it came in a friendly. Goals of the Year does not care for such trivialities.

3. Neymar, SANTOS vs. Internacional

This goal is somewhat tempered by the fact that Neymar pretty much does this every week, but this was his best. The intent in his body language makes it - few people pick up the ball inside their own half with the determination and glint in the eye that a normal striker gets when receiving it six yards out. The finish is more remarkable than it looks - there simply doesn't appear to be time to get a pair of human feet to move that quickly.

2. Hatem Ben Arfa, NEWCASTLE UNITED vs. Blackburn Rovers

Hatem Ben Arfa is a player straight out of the 1990's Premier League, regularly scoring unbelievable goals. His similar run against Bolton could've made it too, but this was in tighter space and a better finish. Solo runs don't come much better than this.

1. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, SWEDEN vs. England

It had to be. It's not an original choice, but we don't care. It would've been a good goal had he simply chipped it from a standing position. To get it in from this angle was utterly stunning. And now, seven years later than everybody else, the English press finally accepts that Zlatan might be a decent player.

Source: FIFA, Associated Press, ESPN, Fox Sports

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