2012 El Clasico: Mourinho vs Guardiola

Barcelona v Real Madrid
Spanish La Liga
Camp Nou, Barcelona
Saturday, 21st April 2012
18:00 GMT

Usually when teams are uber successful, their managers get very comfortable, but at Real Madrid, there is never any comfort or stability. Los Merengues win and win and win, and yet managers come and go as quickly as on a team regularly battling relegation. Now, as Madrid get ready to play Barcelona and possibly put a bow on a La Liga title, Jose Mourinho is, like many managers at the Bernabeu before him, with his job status in question.

Ever since Mourinho took the Madrid job prior to last season, there has been speculation as to how long he would stay at the Bernabeu. He has never stayed with any club too long and once he signed on for a club notorious for shuttling managers in and out, it was hard to imagine him being in for the long haul.

Earlier this season, rumors began to fly that Mourinho would leave Madrid after the season. He'd had his fill of Los Merengues and was ready for a new challenge, or so the rumors said. He would win La Liga, besting Barcelona and maybe even capture the Champions League crown. Once again, he would leave another mega club on top with his "Best Manager of the World" title intact.

Lately, the rumors have quieted, but they won't stay away for long. If another high profile job comes up, Mourinho's name will come up once again. He will be linked to a move away from the Bernabeu, but that is only if he bests Barcelona. He will not leave with the club still on Barcelona's heels. Beat the Catalans on Saturday, all but clinching the league, and the path for his exit is there.

Barcelona have no more security in their manager, Pep Guardiola, either. He was rumored to be leaving the club after last season, but he stuck around for one more. If he can beat Madrid, and Mourinho, one more time and take the league, as well as maybe a Champions League title, he can take off on top. Get bested by Madrid and he might be back for one more go around.

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