Crappy Start To A Much Awaited Season!

On a day that's already seen at least one English Premier League match postponed, it seems almost inevitable that other football would be canceled. Now, the Spanish Players Association, the AFE, has announced a strike for weeks one and two of the La Liga season. While the strike had been threatened earlier in the week, no one thought much of it, considering Spanish players saying they'll strike seems to have become a common theme of every season.

But now it seems they've acted on their threat. The AFE stated that the league will not begin until a new deal with the clubs has been signed. They're after better protection for the players, especially those who are not getting paid by clubs experiencing financial difficulties.

"We are unanimous and firm in our decision to call a strike. The league will not start until a new agreement (between the league and the players) has been signed," AFE president Luis Rubiales told a news conference.

Next to fall? Well, we're waiting on whether any other EPL matches for this weekend will be canceled, and there's always the chance that the Italian players will make good on their promises of a strike.

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