Chelsea FC: Enter The Special One II

There's some interesting news breaking out of Portugal as rumours swirl that Andre Villas Boas is either on the verge of leaving Porto for the Chelsea job or has already done so, with Chelsea buying the 33-year-old out of his €15M release clause and luring him away from the Dragao with a contract offer reported to be in the area of €5M a year.

The presence of a release clause means that Porto have very little say in the matter - Chelsea merely needed to persuade Villas Boas to move to Stamford Bridge rather than negotiate with the Portuguese club, something that president Pinto da Costa mournfully disclosed on Monday:

"Villas Boas has a contract and a clause of €15million. If someone deposits €15million into our account and he wants to go, we can not do anything because it is something that is contractually specified."

It sounds like Chelsea's hunt for a manager may finally be coming to a close more than a month after firing second-year coach Carlo Ancelotti following a miserable season with the Blues.

Since Jose Mourinho departed Chelsea FC, the team has been in a long state of limbo. Yes, they have a Premier League title under their belts, but they're still a team in a long transitional period. After investing a great deal of money in the squad, Roman Abramovich looked for short-term fixes that could get results with the team he built. Now, those stars that made up Chelsea's best generation are starting to fade off into the sunset, and they need to rebuild.

Enter Andre Villas Boas. The current Porto manager lead his team to an impressive treble last season, and his acumen in the transfer window has been nothing short of spectacular. He's the kind of young, up and coming manager that a big club could hire to lead a long-term rebuilding process, and that's just what Chelsea need.

Villas Boas represents the next generation of this Chelsea team, a changing of the guard more than just another man on the merry-go-round. The last few years of managers have essentially been an attempt to squeeze more trophies out of the team that Mourinho built, and the idea has been very different. Win, and win now. Avram Grant was only ever temporary, Phil Scolari was an unmitigated disaster, and Ancelotti simply was not suited to turn the team over to the youth movement.

Bringing in Villas Boas probably also means buying a few new young players, and it's likely good news for Josh McEachran and other up and coming youngsters in the Chelsea system. This appears to be the dawning of a new day for Chelsea, and many fans seem to be welcoming their potential new boss.

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