Mourinho Confirmed As Fergie's Replacment!

After months of speculations surrounding Jose Mourinho's commitment to Real Madrid and Sir Alex Ferguson's future in Manchester United, finally all the relevant parties have confirmed that Mourinho will be replacing Sir Alex as the manager of Manchester United at the end of 2010/11 season.

"I miss England and my next job will be for Manchester United. There is unfinished business here and I think England wants me back too," declares the charismatic Portugese manager who was very delighted with the news. England certainly wants more of his charisma, the adoration he inspires in players, the newspapers he sells.

As for now it's unclear who will be replacing Mounrinho in Real Madrid. However, it is believed that Carlo Ancelotti, Fabio Capello and Rafael Benitez are all in contention for the job in Madrid.

As today is April Fools' Day, can you remember any of the 'best' japes in football history? Seeing it would be too cheap to point out that David N'Gog was born on 1 April 1989, and mean to boot, here's a random selection of football-related April fools gags.

We begin with a couple of classics from 1991. When Notts County visited Bristol City, the Magpies manager Neil Warnock handed the referee a teamsheet containing the England line-up from the previous week's international against the Republic of Ireland. That County line-up in full (including two Nottingham Forest players): Seaman, Dixon, Adams, Pearce, Walker, Wright, Robson, Platt, Beardsley, Lineker, Barnes.

Meanwhile, Sheffield United midfielder John Gannon took a phone call from the club office. "Could you get to the ground by 9am on Monday morning in your matchday suit for a new team photo?" asked a voice down the line. Gannon duly arrived, tarted up to the nines. Bramall Lane was, needless to say, deserted.

In 1985, Michel Platini, Werder Bremen and a West German television station ganged together in order to mock up a story of the Juventus midfielder's transfer to the German club. It would be the lead item on the news. "I have achieved all that is possible with Juventus. The time has come for a fresh challenge," said Platini, who was preparing at the time for a European Cup semi-final against Bordeaux. Werder's players were shown toasting the transfer with champagne. The news was received with astonishment, doubly so when it spread to Italy. But then even April Fools' Day is conducted with Teutonic efficiency in the land of the Bundesjoke.

In 1996, Tomas Brolin was forced to apologise to his manager at Leeds, Howard Wilkinson – "as well as the chairman and managing director in person," added Sgt Wilko – after telling Swedish television that he was to leave Elland Road for a loan deal with Norrkoping. It was supposed to be a gag, and one causing an outbreak of high amusement no doubt, but news agencies picked up the story and wired it around the world, much to Brolin's chagrin.

Life has since imitated art, but in 1997 an announcement was made in the Sun newspaper that Gary Lineker was ready to purchase Leicester City, with the intention of turning the stadium into a crisps museum and renaming the club Lineker Crisps FC. "Stunned Gary tried to deny the takeover when the Sun confronted him," reported the paper, but he finally admitted it was juast a prank.

In 1988, the Russian newspaper Isvestia reported that Diego Maradona was going to sign for Spartak Moscow. It turned out to be their April fool joke. A made-up transfer! Tee hee, Isvestia!

Ten years later, millions of Portugal fans were tricked into thinking their team had been granted a reprieve in the 1998 World Cup, having failed to qualify for France 98. A Lisbon broadcaster announced that Iran had decided not to bother taking up their place "for security reasons", and that FIFA had chosen Portugal as their replacement. The station even went to the lengths of recording spoof quotes in English from "FIFA officials" confirming the story.

Just before a match at Goodison Park in 2000, Watford police informed their Merseyside counterparts that Elton John was planning on landing his helicopter on the pitch. He wasn't, though. Not exactly sure what the police were trying to gain by doing this.

Happy April Fools' Day!

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