Which Is The Next Pitstop For Jose Mourinho?

"If I were to leave Real I would like to coach a big club in the English or Italian League. But I would not coach a rival of a team with whom I have been happy" - Jose Mourinho, The Special One
It was only nine months ago that Jose Mourinho was hired by Real Madrid. Los Blancos are one of the biggest clubs in the world and the most successful club in the world if you measure by trophies considering the club's record 31 La Liga titles and nine European titles. With the club having been bested by rivals Barcelona for two years now and having not won a UEFA Champions League knockout stage tie in six years, Mourinho came to the club almost as the messiah, joining them to return the club to greatness.

Backed by an almost unlimited budget, Mourinho figured to be in charge of Madrid for at least a few years. With 14 trophies in his past seven years managing at Inter Milan, Chelsea and Porto, Mourinho would win a few titles for Madrid and grow his reputations as the world's best manager so why is everyone already wondering where the Special One is going next?

Reports out of Italy say that Roma's prospective new owner Thomas Di Benedetto wants to make a splash by bringing Mourinho in to manage the club next season. In an interview with Sports Illustrated's Grant Wahl, Mourinho reiterated his desire to manage in the United States at some point in the future, either the national team or a MLS club. He also stated that he wanted to manage the Portugal national team at some point.

There can't be any surprise that Mourinho is in demand. His resume speaks for itself and no manager can match his success over the last seven years. In addition to winning the Champions League with Porto, winning the English Premier League with Chelsea for the club's first league title in 50 years and taking Inter Milan to Champions League glory, Mourinho did the impossible before that by taking tiny U.D. Leiria to the top division in Portugal and a cup final. That said, he's at Real Madrid, which isn't a quick pit stop unless the club decides it's a pit stop.

Besides being good enough to be able to almost pick any job he wants and get it, Mourinho has grown into arguably the biggest name in world football. From his being the Special One to his always intriguing quotes to his character on Special 1 TV, Mourinho is more than just a good manager. Whereas Real Madrid built their Galacticos years ago with big money player signings like Zinadine Zidane, Ronaldo and David Beckham among others, the club's big signing this offseason was a manager. Normally that would cause outrage among the club's supporters, but Mourinho is no ordinary manager and his hiring was celebrated.

All anyone wants to know is what's next with Mourinho, even when he's at a club that Real Madrid and now the speculation is swirling again as to where he'll go next. Of course, Mourinho isn't exactly doing his part to stop any speculation and he's only furthering it with his musings about what he wants to do at some point in the future. He did rule out a job with Roma though.

"If I were to leave Real I would like to coach a big club in the English or Italian League. But I would not coach a rival of a team with whom I have been happy. For example, I could never go to Barcelona seeing that I come from Real, or Juventus after what I went through at Inter," Mourinho said.

Okay, so Mourinho has great loyalty to Inter and Madrid, but what about Chelsea? Would he take a job with Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson retires? Even something as small as this ramps up the talk about Mourinho and keeps him in the news because no one can ever get enough of the Special One.

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