Are You Enrolled To Timbers Army?

Congratulations, Portland Timbers! Your billboard advertisements have become a conversation starter. The signs, featuring Timbers fans, have been up since before Christmas, but with the Major League Soccer season now less than two months away, they've become a focal point when discussing the team.

And for good reason, too. Some of the ads are downright sexy, such as the one that features a brunette holding a saw behind her back. Who doesn't want their soccer to be sexy? Somehow the icy stare of this fan indicating the play on the field will also be attractive. Subliminal messaging at its finest.

It's eye-catching, to say the least. It makes the Timbers soccer has an edge to it. These Portland soccer fans? They mean business. They're not going to show up to gossip with their friends or learn about the offside rule. They're there to support their Timbers - even the youngest fans.

The Timbers even hosted an event last week that allowed fans to get their photos taken in similar positions. These photos have been popping up all over Facebook feeds and Twitter timelines. The season hasn't started yet, but Portland is excelling at getting the attention of the city.

Exclusively by Kirsten Schlewitz

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