New York Cosmos: Here Comes The King!

The most iconic club in the history of American soccer, the New York Cosmos folded alongside the North American Soccer League in 1985. After years of an attempted revival (to no avail), Pele announced the revival of the New York Cosmos in August 2010. With the revival, the Cosmos announced the creation of a youth academy called the Cosmos Academy and the purchase of the Copa NYC tournament.

Since then, the Cosmos have seen several players join the organization with the goal of getting the Cosmos into Major League Soccer. The Cosmos made what is arguably their biggest splash since announcing Pele as the honorary president of the club. The Cosmos announced that Manchester United legend Eric Cantona had joined the club as Director of Soccer.

During his storied career, Cantona became the first foreign player in English Premier League history to have a massive impact on the game. During five years with the Red Devils (1992-1997), Cantona became the captain of Man United and won four Premier League titles and two FA Cups.

Since his retirement in 1997, Cantona has stayed away from club football/soccer. But that has completely changed today with Cantona joining the club. Cantona told the New York Cosmos website after his appointment, "I will do everything that I can to help us. First find our way to regain the No. 1 position in the United States, and then for us to become one of the best clubs in the world over the coming years.”

Currently, the Cosmos' main goal is to become the 20th club in MLS in 2013. MLS will add two new clubs in the Portland Timbers and the Vancouver Whitecaps for the 2011 season and a Montreal outfit for the 2012.

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