MCFC - Manchester City "Fight" Club

Round 1: Tevez vs Mancini (Part 1)

On Sunday 3rd October 2010, Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini had a blazing row with star striker and captain Carlos Tevez as the uneasy truce between the two men exploded during half-time of the club's 2-1 win. Mancini and Tevez stood toe-to-toe exchanging verbals as the inquest into a lacklustre first half turned heated in the home dressing room at City's Eastlands stadium.

It is understood that the mood turned sour when Mancini entered the dressing room after his players and heard Tevez saying something he didn't like. City's Italian manager then made a comment of his own and Tevez jumped up from his seat to confront him. Words were exchanged and other members of the team and backroom staff had to intervene.

Round 2: Balotelli vs Boateng

On Friday 3rd December 2010, Mario Balotelli had to be separated from Manchester City teammate Jerome Boateng after the two players were involved in a furious bustup in training. Balotelli, 20, reacted angrily to a tackle from behind by the 22-year-old Germany defender, who retaliated by grabbing the striker by the throat in front of manager Roberto Mancini and the rest of the squad.

The two players appeared to make up afterwards but Mancini had words with his £23million signing from Inter Milan as he tried to calm him down. The confrontation has raised more concerns over Balotelli's suspect temperament after he was sent off for lashing out at West Brom last month.

A City official insisted, "It was a minor flare-up lasting a few seconds and a reflection of the competitive edge the players apply to training every day. It's not something we are remotely concerned about."

Round 3: Tevez vs Mancini (Part 2)

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini shrugged off his touchline bust-up with captain Carlos Tevez in Saturday's 1-0 victory over by Bolton. The Argentine striker reacted angrily to being substituted in the final minute and exchanged words with Mancini before James Milner intervened.

Afterwards Mancini attempted to play down the latest incident of ill-discipline. "I am happy about this. I would like all players to be like Carlos and want to stay on the pitch. I needed a player like Mario on the pitch as he is taller than Carlos. We must continue to score when Carlos doesn't play," said the Italian.

However, questions will once again be asked about the harmony in Mancini's dressing room following spats involving Emmanuel Adebayor and Vincent Kompany, and James Milner and Yaya Toure this season in addition to Balotelli's temperament plus bust-up between Mancini and Tevez . The City boss also has to contend with the discontent among highly paid stars unhappy at being left out of the team.

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