Liverpool's Nightmare Season Continues..

With one simple victory it almost feels as though all of Everton's troubles have gone away. Of course, this isn't the case, but when you climb from the bottom three on the table all the way up to 11th, you feel pretty good about yourself. Everton's 2-0 win over their Merseyside neighbor Liverpool on Sunday has suddenly given life to the Blues. On the flip side of that it has Liverpool still sitting in the bottom three, with no end in sight to their nightmare of a season.

Tim Cahill and Mikel Arteta scored for the Toffees in a surprisingly comfortable win. Cahill's goal before the half in the 34th minute, and Arteta's early in the second half, in the 50th minute, on a stunning goal from the edge of the box, gave Everton all they would need.

Steven Gerrard, a few days before this clash, was not overly concerned about the start by the Reds. "I don't think it's a crisis," he said. "I'm not too worried. Obviously the league table doesn't look too good right now. But we are close and I feel if we can get a bit of luck going our way or we can pull one big performance out of the bag, things can improve and we can move up the table."

Gerrard and the Reds will have to wait for another day for either luck or a big performance. On this Sunday, it was Everton that pulled out the big win and shot up the table, leaving their neighbors behind.

The 2-0 final score was a fair reflection of a game where Everton were impressive and Liverpool offered little by way of return. In attendance at Goodison Park was the new Liverpool owner, John W. Henry. No doubt his new club did little to impress him on this day. The result will heap more pressure on manager Roy Hodgson, who finds his Liverpool side second from bottom and who must be jittery that such floundering performances will not keep his new American paymasters pacified for long.

Liverpool had achieved just one win in the opening seven league games going into this one, including a painful home defeat to newcomers Blackpool last time out. The club may have now found some pounds courtesy of New England Sports Ventures, but here they were on the hunt for points which were not forthcoming.

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