Neymar's Ego Is Too Big For His Head!

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior is without doubt the most famous 18-year-old footballer on the planet. The prodigious striker has many suitors. However, following a bust-up of biblical proportions with his manager last week, it would appear as if Chelsea dodged a bullet when their £25 million offer was turned down.

The infamous incident with Dorival Jr. came about after the youngster was taken down for a penalty against Atletico Goianiense. With Neymar having missed Santos' last three penalties, Dorival decided to chose another player for the vital spot-kick. As the penalty was scored Neymar berated Dorival and his team mates on the bench from a height in a tantrum that a two-year-old would have been proud of. Everyone was shocked, from team mates to opponents, especially his manager. Neymar even went as far as telling his team mates that he would never pass the ball to any of them ever again after they had betrayed him.

Having seen the incident first hand, Goianiense’s manager Rene Simoes had this to say. "What this lad has done is unacceptable. I'm disappointed. I've always worked with youngsters and I've never seen anything like this. Someone has to educate this kid or we're going to create a monster."

Dorival was obviously upset at Neymar's behaviour and tried to suspend his star-striker for two weeks. Santos' board only allowed the player to be suspended for seven days and was unhappy with Dorival's decision to extend Neymar's ban. Thus, Dorival was sacked as the coach. Essentially allowing Neymar to dictate the terms at the club, as he is the biggest and most valuable star at the club.

Neymar is such a huge star in Brazil now, and has been for the last five or six years, that he is basically treated like a God wherever he goes. He is also incredibly important to the brand of Santos in Brazil and having made him their highest paid player of all-time in the summer, to fend off Chelsea. The club are now basically being held to ransom by the player. The publicity and revenue that the youngster generates is hugely important to the club, hence their stance with Dorival, but one cannot help feel that this was a battle the club should have sided with their manager and not the player.

"We're all to blame in this case. Unhappily, we live in a country where we've lost our references and people act as they please. Institutions such as the family and the education system are not working properly, and there are no positive references for Neymar," Dorival Jr. said before he was sacked by Santos.

While there were many who spoke out against Neymar joining Chelsea at such a young age and moving to a league that has proven to be a graveyard for many a Brazilian before him, there were a few who reckoned that a move away from the influence of his entourage and into a bigger pond would help him develop emotionally as well as technically. The level of skill that Neymar has shown since making his debut last year is just frightening. He is incredibly quick and direct, with amazing dribbling ability plus superior vision in terms of creativity. It is little wonder that some of the world's largest teams started sending scouts over to watch the free-scoring striker. In his debut season with Santos, he managed an impressive 14 goals from 48 games. This season, at just 18, he has doubled that output with an amazing 32 goals from 46 games.

When it looked as if the immensely talented youngster was about to sign for Chelsea for £25 million, having increased from their initial offer of £17 million, Santos asked Robinho and Pele to talk him into staying at the club. Brazil's Sports Minister was also called in to intervene as newspapers ran with headlines likening Neymar to a national treasure and that to lose him from the country would be nothing short of criminal. While Mario Zagallo, a former Brazilian international and manager, and Mano Menezes, the current Brazil manager, tried to force the issue home by commenting on the proposed transfer during Neymar's first press conference in the lead up to his first cap. Neymar managed to score in his debut as Brazil cruised to a 2-0 win over the United States and in doing so he joined an elite group of stars like Pele and Zico.

What everything added up to was the inflating of an ego that had steadily grown to huge proportions over the last six years. His star has taken a severe dent this week and top clubs in Europe will be more wary of signing the prodigy than ever before. Neymar should follow the footsteps of Messi by concentrating on football and grow up. If he doesn't, he will be just another "next Pele" in a long, long line.

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