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A report was released by German company about the state of football sales for the world’s top football brands, Nike and Adidas. Some interesting findings from the report showed that despite sponsoring different clubs, the two brands sell similar numbers of football shirts around the world, at least in their top five clubs sponsored.

Here is the comparison between Nike and Adidas and their top selling five shirts. Funny enough, the report estimates that they sold about the same amounts of shirts in their top 5.Average sales per season from 2005 to 2009 as per below image (click image to enlarge).

What the numbers clearly show is that Manchester United is clearly leading in terms of world-wide sales from the Premier League, where the rest fall behind by quite a margin. It’s also surprising to see Bayern Munich selling much more shirts than the top Italian sides. The Manchester United 10/11 Shirt should sell similar amounts in this season. This means that the club is adding around £50-75 million in revenue every season just from shirt sales, and will likely do so again this season.

Another key figure is the number at the bottom of the graphic, showing the total revenue between the two brands world-wide from the top 10 clubs. Just the top 10 clubs in the world (sponsored by Adidas or Nike) sell a value of £500,000,000 every season worth of shirts. That’s an astronomic amount of money that supporters spend on these shirts around the world. It’s also interesting to see the Liverpool Shirt selling only 700,000 to 900,000 copies world-wide, seeing as the Torres Liverpool Shirt is the most sold shirt in the EPL world-wide, and Stevie G. comes in second.

The only clubs to sell more than one million shirts a season the past 5 seasons have been Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United, while the top three Italian clubs (Inter, Milan, and Juventus) sold less than Manchester United together. That should reflect the state of football today, and reflect which league is watched more closely around the world. Football fans should start buying original shirts instead of replica/fake/imitation to show support for their beloved clubs because this ia a source of income to the clubs.


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