WC2010 Quarterfinal 1: Video Highlights

Brazil 1 Netherlands 2

For some reason this feels like an upset. Many considered Netherlands and Brazil to be pretty much equals going into this game, but Netherlands 2-1 win now feels like an underdog biting one of the alpha dogs.

Maybe it’s because of the way this game started. Brazil were knocking the ball about like it was 1982, and were winning 1-0 after just 10 minutes. At that point, many would have predicted a 3-0 Brazil win. In fact, that’s exactly what would have happened if Maarten Stekelenburg hadn’t made this fine save from Kaka (after great work by Robinho) at around the 30 minute mark.

Instead, Netherlands survived til halftime and then in the second half got a goal back courtesy of Felipe Melo's own goal on 53rd minute. If you thought that was as bad as it could get for Melo, then you are wrong.

Netherlands then took the lead in the 68th minute, with what best described as a textbnook corner kick routine. And then Brazil lost their cool. Too much frustration, too much shouting, and in Felipe Melo’s case too much kicking Arjen Robben in the thigh. As Melo left the field, sent off for that pretty stupid tackle, he took Brazil’s confidence with him. All the credit should to the Dutch team for their comeback win against Brazil and proved their worth to be a serious contender. So Brazil are out and Netherlands are through to the semi-finals.

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