Leo Messi and Friends vs Rest of the World

Leo Messi took his talents and some friends to Panama and staged a Leo Messi and Friends vs Rest of the World game, to raise money for impoverished Panamanians. Messi was obviously the headliner, but this game was packed with big names. Messi’s team featured the likes of Lucio, Cafu, Martin Palermo and Bojan, while the Rest of the World team was headlined by Panamanian striker Blas Pérez (who plays his football in Mexico for Club León), Edgar Davids, Marco Materazzi, Fernando Morientes and Kevin Kuranyi. Two damn good line ups.

Messi and Friends won the game 6-4, with Messi scoring a hat-trick for his team (and combining nicely with Cafu, which could be one of the greatest right flank partnership to never happen in competitive match, for reasons of nationality and generation) and Pérez also getting a hat-trick for the opposition. Maximum respect to all the World Cup 2010 participants who turned up after the end of the tournament. Highlights are as below:

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