Forlan: Uruguay's adventures in South Africa

Diego Forlan has been one of the brightest stars at the World Cup. The former Manchester United and Villarreal man, who now plays for Atletico Madrid, led Uruguay to a deep run in South Africa. He made comments after the match against the Holland to the online portal, Ovacion, of the Montevideo newspaper, El Pais. Forlan discussed his injury, the disappointment of a lost opportunity and his personal joy over his four goals in South Africa. Forlan’s teammate, Sebastian Abreu and their boss, Oscar Washington Tabarez, weighed in with their thoughts about the fighting spirit of Uruguay. Tabarez accepted the apparent offside position of the second goal by the Netherlands without any complaints.

On the loss against the Dutch
“Neither sadness or gutted. What I feel more than anything is impotence.”

He explained that his state is a product of:
“Not having been fit to help out how one can and in the way that I would have wanted.”

He recounted that he was subbed out because:
“I had a pain in the quadriceps above the tendon. I wasn’t able to continue lending a hand. The pain was getting worse and the shame is that when we had been chasing the second goal, I wasn’t feeling well. That was the worse thing for me because I don’t like to be subbed out that way. Without doing what you could… I hope that it will be better for Saturday (the third place game in Port Elizabeth).”

On the match against Holland
“Is it a pity, no? It was a unique opportunity. It’s clear that we didn’t lose against just any opponent. But it wasn’t a game that one can say that we were dominated. We played and there were times when we were close. If we had scored the second goal, when we were getting better right after the break, I think that the game would have changed.”

On his goal against Holland
“I went to the right. The three that I scored were like this on set pieces or during the run of play. They were more or less from the same side.”

Sebastian Abreu:
“I believe that Uruguay gave a demonstration of tenacity and pride. Above all, after the twin impacts that we received in less than five minutes (for the second and third Dutch goals). Had it been any other team, who knows if they would have thrown in the towel before time and we fought until the very end.”

Oscar Tabarez:
“It was a match worthy of a World Cup semi-final. I am very proud of my players. We accept the defeat, the opponent was better but we honored the game with our fighting spirit of not wanting to lose. We are sad because we demonstrated that we weren’t too far off and for us, it is satisfactory. But it was a defeat. That is clear. I have just seen the second goal by the Netherlands and it was a definite offside. But well, they are part of the game. It’s not the first time that it happens at the World Cup or in another tournament. Today, it happened to us but it is not the time to cry or look for excuses.”

Source: Ovacion

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