Berlusconi's Selfishness Is Ruining AC Milan!

His name is Silvio Berlusconi‬‪. He is the Prime Minister of Italy‬‪ and President of AC Milan. His personal wealth is evaluated as US$9 Billion dollars, according to Forbes and ranked 74th richest in the world and 3rd in Italy).

In 1986, Berlusconi acquired the club AC Milan and immediately invested a lot of money in the team. Appointing top coach Sacchi and signing three top Dutch players Gulit, Van Basten and Rijkaard. This was the beginning of the most successful era in the club's history. Needless to say, he became the hero in everyone's eyes as he saved Milan from very tough times, and also promoted Italy's clubs at the European level. This "savior" image proved to be a major boost in his political campaign. In 1994, Berlusconi became the prime minister of Italy. He remained attached to Milan, on and off basis.

Recently however, things drastically changed. Silvio has gone AWOL. He started attending less games and paying less money. And that's not all.‬‪ In June 2009 (few days after he was re-elected as prime minister), the club sold its star and the world's best player in 2007, Kaka. Why? To settle off the club's rather low debts. Kaka's sale was the most expensive in the world of football at the time. The fans went mad, considering the age of the majority of the remaining players, Kaka was vital to the team. Many angry Milan fans deserted the stadiums and did not renew their subscriptions. Yet, everyone thought it was a one-time thing: but matters only kept getting worse.‬‪

The club announced a period of austerity even though Kaka's sale balanced the club's books!! CEO Galiani said that the "evolved" fans will understand this and that Milan is working well on the market. The "evolved" fans will renew their subscription! Those words implied that fans who were not happy with this new policy are not evolved! As one would expect, this resulted in another roar amongst the fans. Last season, in terms of a giant club like Milan, was a disaster: An early exit from Milan's favorite championship (champion's league) and a third-place finish in Italy.

To make matters worse, Berslusconi announced in June 2010 that "in a moment of crisis, like the one that the world is going through, I cannot afford excessive spending (reminder: he has US$9 billion). Milan will keep their current squad." He also gave fans a false hope; he said: "I will not pull back if we will have to buy a top champion who can take us to the next level. But only if we were to be dealing with a big champion, someone like Cristiano Ronaldo.”‬‪ Great news, right? Nope, the Milan faithful learned not to trust a word he says since his fake promises last year about not wanting to sell Kaka (everyone knew he only said that so it would not affect his political campaign).

Shortly after, the fans fears became a reality when he sent a transfer mandate to CEO Adriano Galliani reminding him that equity needs to be raised from player sales before the club invests in new transfers. He reiterated that in his press conference on, July 20. Selling players?! The ones worth a decent market value are the pilars of the team, meaning Milan would either have to sell one of their few stars or live another year of trophy drought! Many fans have joined hands calling themselves "unevolved" and have decided to boycott anything related to Milan.

Not only did the seasonal ticket campaign‬‪ face more than 50% drop in demand, all "unevolved" fans are boycotting Milan's sponsors and Berlusconi's private companies. This group of fans have reached 30,000 members and 2,000 of them have demonstrated at Milanello. There is another group for non-Italians that has reached 4,000 and growing.

My message to Berlusconi and the management of Milan is this: don't let the paying customers slip from your hands. Get rid of the old players who are costing you millions of euros just to warm your benches. Invest in young talent such as Pato and Kaka. Hold on to your stars and don't sell them; they WILL bring in trophies. Do not loose the sponsorship of Fly Emirates who has put their trust in you. If they know fans of Milan are boycotting them, they will go berserk. Stop humiliating us. All the fans are united against you!

I will always be a proud AC Milan fan. I am joining my voice with the hundreds of thousands of Milan fans who want to see their club back to its winning ways. The best club in the world must match its triumphant history with a similar present and an even better future.

Exclusively by ReRe Milanista an ardent fan of AC Milan

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