World Cup 2010: Top Advertisements

A week to go to the World Cup and all our media is overflowing with relating themselves with the biggest tournament in football by all means possible – overflowing to an extent that they’re touching the boundary lines of spam. Big brands, TV channels and everything in between are spending like there is no tomorrow, expecting a huge return during the 30 days starting June 11th.

In a bid, to get themselves recognized for their coverage of the World Cup, viral videos or TV adverts are the way to go. As the 2010 version of the cup seems larger and more anticipated than ever before, marketing agencies have put a hell lot of effort in the ads. Below are some of the ads that worth mentioning:

‘Gola Mondo’ – Guardian World Cup Ad

A simple animated ad for the English giants Guardian and the Observer for the World Cup promoting their extensive coverage. This is one of the finest type of ads you can produce without spending a fortune. Catchy tune, comedic graphics and to the point… Simple.

Nando’s Ama Visitors Ad

Nando’s marketing department has always been top notch and they just raised the bar higher by finding the perfect balance. A bit more and this ad would’ve been just vulgar. Still, this ad can be offensive if it’s taken too seriously Nando’s proved a point here by not spending half the money Nike spent and still being the best.

Nike’s Write the Future Ad

Now this is pure class. Nike is a company very much capable of spending big even when the world has still not completely recovered from economic crunch. And they always, always pull it off really well. This ad features a host of star players such as Drogba, Cannavaro, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Ribery, Ronaldo, etc.

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