WC 2010 Day 17 : Video Highlights

Germany 4 England 1
The “Golden Generation” of English football met the ruthlessly efficient Germans and it all ended in disaster… for England. This one had everything: goals, shoddy defending from both sides, controversial refereeing and then some more goals. A fitting rivalry game, even if the balance is mostly on one side. The talk going out is two fold: Germany is awfully good and the linesman was awfully bad. With the goal 2-0, England scored two goals in rapid succession, only one wasn’t given. In an act almost too lathered with irony to believe, Frank Lampard’s strike crossed the line – just as Geoff Hurst’s maybe, kinda, sorta didn’t against Germany in ‘66 – but bounced back out and no goal was given. It was a clear goal, one which would’ve made it 2-2, but it simply wasn’t. Fortunately Germany were simply that much better over the course of the game and deserved their 4-1 win.

Argentina 3 Mexico 1
The opening goal for Argentina was a header from Carlos Tevez on a Lionel Messi chip but it was clearly offside on the replays. It wasn’t even that close and a call that hurt Mexico. A mistake from Mexico defender Ricardo Osorio allowed Gonzalo Higuain to score as Argentina made it 2-0. The Tevez goal was in the 26th minute and Higuain’s was in the 33rd minute. Carlos Tevez scored a screamer from outside the box and made 3-0 for Argentina. Javier Hernandez scored a consolation goal for Mexico in the 71st minute to make it 3-1. Overall, Argentina were in control most of the match with more chances but the early goal did changes things. If it hasn’t been allowed, it’s unknown what would have happened but its likely Argentina would still have won the match. They will now face Germany in the quarterfinals

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