WC 2010 Day 15 : Video Highlights

Switzerland 0 Honduras 0
Switzerland's defense is as good as it gets in football. That wasn't enough at the World Cup. Despite yielding only one goal in three games, the Swiss did not advance to the second round because they couldn't score against Honduras The Swiss could have locked up a spot in the second round with a two-goal win over Honduras. But Switzerland played with little urgency or creative flair until late in the match.

Chile 1 Spain 2
The seemingly inevitable which transformed to the improbable became the reality, inevitably: Spain has won their group.

Ivory Coast 3 North Korea 0
The actual statistics read 28 shots, 15 on goal for the Elephants, so it wasn’t for lack of trying. And perhaps it would’ve been better not to reach the necessary 8 with Portugal drawing.

Brazil 0 Portugal 0
It wasn’t quite that bad. But it wasn’t particularly exciting either. Not as exciting as Brazil vs Portugal in the World Cup sounds like it would be anyway.

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