The New French Revolution

France's forgettable World Cup campaign has taken yet another bizarre twist. Players are refusing to train, and the team's fitness coach stormed out of a session.

The French camp has the worst atmosphere of all the 32 teams. Even the managing director of the French Football Federation (FFF) has had enough, and has resigned in anger at the insubordination.

Jean-Louis Valentin said, "I am disgusted, I am quitting my post. I am ashamed, I am leaving immediately for Paris."

His resignation quickly followed a heated row between captain Patrice Evra and fitness coach Robert Duverne at a scheduled training session. A few minutes into the session, Duverne stormed off of the pitch. He marched away from the argument he was having with Evra, throwing his accreditation badge on the floor.

The French squad released a statement after this incident, saying that they had walked on a training session in protest over the treatment teammate Nicolas Anelka was receiving.

The striker was sent back home on Saturday after he had a bust up with the same coach as Evra, Raymond Domenech. It occurred during halftime in their 2-0 defeat to Mexico.

The rest of the French squad left their training ground today on a bus, and went to a meeting with Domenech behind closed doors.

The 1998 World Cup winners are facing elimination from the World Cup at the group stage.

They must hope other results go their way. In order to qualify, they need to beat South Africa by a large margin, and hope that Mexico and Uruguay do not draw.

The team is falling apart, and so are their chances of succeeding this year.

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