Diego: My dream is to manage Napoli

On the eve of Argentina’s key elimination round match with Mexico, Diego Maradona provided his thoughts to the Milan sports daily, La Gazzetta dello Sport. He discussed the shock exit of Italy, his desire to manage Argentina for many years and his dream job: manager of Napoli. He also leveled criticism at Argentine journalists who questioned his management acumen.

On Italy: “But one saw that Italy was lacking something.”

“I’m so sorry that Italy went out. But in a World Cup, a team such as the Azzurri can’t stop in the first round. But one saw that Italy was lacking something. In particular, they didn’t hold the ball up front and didn’t play fluidly. They could have used a player such as Francesco Totti and Alessandro Del Piero. Antonio Cassano? Yes, perhaps also him, but I don’t want to criticize Marcello Lippi.”

Wants to Manage Napoli: “Seeing that dreams never die.”

“I hope to manage Argentina still for many years but I would like to realize another dream. Seeing that dreams never die: To manage Napoli (in the Serie A)… I lived in Italy for seven years and having been in Naples, it was more like 14 years and I will always keep those people in my heart. I know that now since Italy was eliminated, the Neapolitans will support Argentina. For this, I will always keep them in my heart and even if others do it, I will never speak badly about their city.”

Still at War with Journalists: “But I don’t support how my players have been treated…”

“I’m almost 50 years of age and in a phase of life in which you don’t want to hold grudges. But I don’t support how my players have been treated and I would have liked that certain journalists apologized. Before this World Cup, I read very strong criticisms. Certain players were becoming the worst in the world and I shouldn’t have selected them. Instead now, after three games, we have become the best of the lot. In reality, we have remained that way with the same idea to come here to

Cult Status in Naples

Maradona has a cult status in Naples to a degree that is difficult to describe. As they say in Naples, “There is the sea, Vesuvius and Maradona.” If you ever meet a young man in his 20s from Naples called “Diego,” most likely he was named after Mr. Maradona.

Source: La Gazzetta dello Sport

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