Manuel Pellegrini's Last Match?

The last day of La Liga might have very little drama on the field as Barca face Vallaodolid. Minions entrusted with stopping the giants from winning their appointment with the title. Stranger things have happened and Real Madrid could end up victors. Improbable yes, impossible no.

Whatever the outcome this might be Manuel Pellegrini's last match. Yesterday's news conference was hued with a farewell like quality. Real play Malaga.

" But for me the most important is the response of the players, when asked have shown support for their coach. I also feel supported by the fans, since 80 or 85% fully support me and that they have seen a different Madrid, ambitious and fun. What happens in the future is not my problem. "

He seems to suspect that his time is up.

"I know it's bad not to win a title but the final assessment would not differ greatly depending on whether we win or not."

Based on Manuel Pellegrini's interview with

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