Jose Mourinho

He might go to Liverpool but his priority this year is, if possible, to go to Real Madrid, the biggest club there is in term of history and tradition. But let's see what happens in Champions League final against Bayern first. Even if he wins it, maybe he will be with Inter for another season.

The Special One prefers to be surrounded by experienced players. He hasn't been allowed anywhere to build up a younger side. It is always about winning titles straight away, partly because of his methods, partly because of the clubs he goes to who want instant success and  impact. He guarantees success with players with experience of winning cups and battling for the league etc but every three years or so you have to rebuild the side and that costs money.

It would be wonderful, if one day he feels like going to Villareal or maybe Sunderland and try to make the side his own and be there for 10 years. But I don't think that's in him. He likes to move around. I don't think all of a sudden he will become a Wenger or Fergie , I don't think that's in him.

From his humble beginning as a Spanish translator for the late Sir Bobby Robson and as an assistant coach for Louis Van Gaal, he has established himself as one of the greatest managers in Europe. No matter what happens in the Final, he is still one the best and to turn around Inter from also-ran to Championship contender in Europe is a massive achievement.

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