Barca's Historical La Liga Title

It was a historical win. 99 points, the most by a Liga team to win. One loss in the entire season, none at home. Barca's win over Valladolid was deemed necessary after a disappointing Champions League and Copa Del Rey exit.

A season that saw repeated editions of Leo Messi's masterclasses in total football annihilation. Again witnessed today against Real Vallodolid. In the abscence of Xavi, Messi commandeered a vast swath using the services of Yaya Toure, Seydou Keita, Bojan, and Pedro to transform a gentle swell to a roiling surge breaking at Valladolid's shores. An own goal got it moving. Messi then set up Pedro before he came up on his brace.

So we come up on the end of a remarkable season. And as we look to the future, many will ask the same question- can Barca be stopped? Pedro, Bojan, and Messi- the three up front have few annual rings. Their youth ensures many seasons. Behind them Iniesta and Xavi, fuel the creative cauldron with their tight interlocking game and vision. Some injury concerns of late may introduce a sense of vulnerability but there is no real alarm at least for the next two seasons.

One big reason for their success is the defense giving up the least number of goals. Sergio Busquets who brings his theatrical abilities to the holding midfielder role has consolidated his position. Yaya Toure might be looking elsewhere. But Pique and Puyol are the pillars on central defense while Dani Alves always rates a shade less than Maicon as the world's best right back.

It is frightening to contemplate Barca's lock on the Liga might be set in stone for some years. A vast gulf separates Barca from the rest of La Liga. Even Real's individual talent which is exceptional cannot compare in the face of the system put into place at Barca. Real's mistake of putting too much investment on expensive hired mercenaries might be enough to overcome the rest of La Liga. But as proven in both El Clasicos, it is not enough to overcome Barca's system.

A difference of 30 points between these two teams and the rest of La Liga is not a statistical anomaly, it speaks of a structural difference in terms of talent and money. Introduction of a more even handed distribution of TV revenues will be essential in restoring parity to La Liga.

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